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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  July 27, 2010 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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welcome back to fox 45 early edition and there it is, a full mmon, steveefertig ii howling. i just think it's pretty when you see a full moon out there. >> really. >> it's a captivaaing sign. it makes you want to cherish it %-we got to moveeon to a lot of things. training camp is one of them. >> let's go on with steve
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fertig. >> they're howling because of3 training camp. >> if that is why you'ree3 howling. >> yes. >> you were talking about the t.v. show true blood. >> i think it's gotten into my blood. it's aanice change. it's two ddys in a row that we are low humidity and comfortable conditions. you see not a wwhle lot happening at hd radar and showers to the south we main south in he car carolinas bud -round here dry, 75 degrees starting out ii baatimore, 74 in d.c. and 60 only in salisbury. 66 in hagerstown. low huuidity for another day as temperatures get to 86 at noon. gettto the high of 89 today with just a couple of degrees above seasonable and 87 as we get to 6:00 p.m. nd partly cloudy skies then..3 we need to check on he roads this morning with candace dold who is goinggto let us know what
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the commute looks like. she going to do that with the traffic edge. candace. >> reporter: thank you, steve. we're talking about trouble inú baltimore this orning because of n accident. it completely shuts down bitle -treet at green mont avenue. you will want to use kay street as tte alternate rouue. in the corridors throughout the baltimore area, things are looking ood. souuhbound 895 through the harror ttnnel, down toward 95, so far we are in theegreen,,9 minutes at 54 miles per hour. 55 miles per hhur southboond mchenry tunnel toward the beltwaa. it's starting to pick up from whitemarsh toward the beltway. 6 minutes, 37 miles per hour there. that's a look at yoor morning travels. patrice, back over to you. 5:32 now on fox 45 early edition. the two men considered armed and dangerous remain on the loose this morning. anne arundel county police say they abducted a wooan from aú home in hanover yesterday.
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the woman was found, and one arrest has already been made.ú megan gilliland is at hanover with more on the search. good morning, meg ran. >> reporter:megan.>> reporter: , patrice. the victim was in a home behind me, and when early there was a knock in the door and three men pushed their way inside. they were looking for sherri lane. lane was hiding hereafter a fight with herrboyfriend roy thomas. thomas found her and showeddup with two men violatentingly rushing inside. >> i was freaking out. i was ter for her safett. that is all. >> reporter: based on what ú%ppened at the house. this ndividual came in and the someeody. and the individual they assaulted was at gunpoint. -> reporter: the men weree3 able to pull lane out of that house byythe hair in her head. and by 4:00 yesterdayythe search foo lane was over. down using her cell phone.
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she wws found unharmed. -homas was taken into custody but police re searching for the two other men. they are working with a vague description and those men are considered armed and dangerous. about this case, you are asked to call pplice. live in anne arundel county, iim megan gilliland, fox 45 morningú early eeiiion. merge crews are called to the scene after a car and mta car collide in southwest baltimore. it appened at northwest avenue in bloominggdale road. there's no word on how many people were hurt but officials say four medic responded to the incident. the cause of the crash remains under investigaaion. ccunty, ends with a man being rushed o shock trauma. police say a 20-year-old man was shot on meady drive in edgewood at 8:30 last nightt ebb to th!!!aken to he hospitan ccitical condition. officers haven't released any details on how it happened.
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city police are investigating the death of a man whose body was discovereddin a south baltimore home. officers say the man was found dead yesterday on west pratt street near camddn yards. they haven't revealld ow he died but they are calling his -eath suspicious much. a man and hhs woman are ú%der arrest this morning suspected of killing a john hopkins rrsearcher sunday nightt this is 34-year-old john wagner -nd 24 years old laveea merit. police say both have criminal records. now murder charges are pending against both of them in the death of stephen karen. the 23 years old was reportedly when he was attacked and robbed. a nearby homeowner said heeheard the struggle and yelled out the front door. eventually he ran to help and found the man suffering from several stab wounds. he died in his arms. >> i didnnt want him to die alone and that is why i stayed there and held his hand aad told -im it was going to be okay. he just couldn't hang in there.
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>> police say pitcairn was on the phone with his mother when the attack first started to unfold. she lives in florida and liitened hundreds of miles away unable to do anything to protect hhr son. pitcairn would have been 24 years old today. ntsb officials preppre to release aafinal report onnlast year's deadly metro train crash. board member will hear testimony from investigators during a then they will vott on the most unlikely cause of the crash and givverecommendations on how to3 preventtsimilar tragedies in the futuue. 9 people died and dozens more more were hurr on the crash. baltimore city's ceo -r. andres alonzo is speaking about a dramatic drop in test scores at city school. -astier thelast year, theyyhad s
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in the marylanddassessment tests. in fact, 100% of students passe3 annual reading and math examplee but this year that nnmber has dropped by as much as half. dr. alonzo says the new numbbrs nned to be complained but warns against a rush to judgment. sometimes we think that we need to move a little further in order to be completely sure and in the meantime there should be no presumption of guilt wemplet doing whaguilt.we're doing whato ú%ke sure there's no shadow of a ddubt. >> this is the eked second city %-cheating.e evaluated for the investigation of washington was!!washington's elementary concluded that last year's at the time booolet had been tampered with. maryland's governor's race is still in a statistical dead heat according to he latest poll. the poll surveyed 800 likely
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according to them to governor o'malley would get 65% of the vote. and the ehrlich would get 55%. and among independence they're tied at 39% and 8% of the voters are still undecided. stay with fox 45 morning news, with the latest in thh race for governor. go to and click on the vote 2010 icon in the fans are getting their first chance today to sse the ravens at training camp and for most thaa's all they will be able to do thanks to a new autograph policy. joel d smith is live at westminister this morring with more on the change aad other things going on at training camp. good morning, joel. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, we can finally see a littll bit of the field heree3 now. the teets are up over there, that's the area rotecting the fans from the sun. it looks real cool. we turn to cdaniel college
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into ravens town. you have bben here for a numberú when are tte fans going to get here, you think. >> i don't know. we arr expectiig them anytimee >> reporter: those die hards and the autograph policy has channgd. how does hat wook if you have kids and you want them to get an autograph. all kids ages 6-15 can pick up a wristband. we will line them up under thee3 autograph trusting and about 12 minutes before practice is going to end and the kids can get an autograph. >> reporter: go for it. it's been a bit refer to. some people are saying that this are other teams doing this? >> teams focusing on autographs. it's not anything that doing..3 as the ravens. >> eporter: howwis ennorcement going to be for this. i think it's going to be pretty
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it's pretty -- really. it's pretty simple. we are going.going to get the ú% i don't look 16. i can't get in there.3 >> reporter: i think it's been publicized enough that people know about it. >> we have good fans. >> reporterr we definitely have good fans no matter what. the kids is what it's about. the fans will get a chance to talk to the players and talk to them but not the autographs. >> a lot of adults understand that it's for the kids but they still want the autographs. is there any other venue for them to get autographssbecause this was it. >> reporter: this is the still the spot. if yyu see a guy on thhestreet but this is the one location that is designed for that. now it's for the kids only. >> i have a feeling that a lot and bring them to training camp to get those autographs. >> reporter: that's good, too. interaction between parents and kids is always important no
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mattee what ittis. >> all right, joel. thank you. more than 15 milllonnpoundd. that is how much recycling baltimore residents have produced over the last yeaa. mayor stephanie rawlings-blake will join several otherúú%office milestone whiih has been achieved since tte start oo the 1 plus 1 collection program of llst year. officials say reeycling in baltimore as increased more than 60% during that time. voafterr anvoters and candidate. >> crating jjbs. >> get a closer look t those job creation numbers. it should be nncc day on the bay and pretty much everywhere in maryland, with lower hummdity and temperatures getting up toú a 1-foot s.
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5:43 on this tuesday morning. we're checking hd radar and things are quiet. we look at the bigger picture and check things to the south. we see showers, that is because all of the heat and humidity will be.
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part of the country and the results is with high pressure building in, still for us, we remain dry here and into tte northeast, but the circulation around the high, clockwise is going to bringgmore heat and humidity to the south and that is why it's going to feel some the showers oottof our area and staying again to the south. but eventually that humidity will climb and move in ur direction. thht will be starting tomorrow and the next couppe of days will be that way. in the meantime weewill continue tooenjoy the northeast flow. that northeast flow will become a southeast flow.3 we will stay clear of where the humidity will e greatest to the south.ú we should be looking atta decembedecentday today. and better chance oo thursday aa the front pushes through. behind it cooler and high pressure mooes in through the weekend. a terrific weekend shaping up. right now 75 degrees in baltimore. 74 degreessin d.c. down in saaisbury, look at that, 60 degrees, cool there. 60 degrees in haaerstown.
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the dew points, again very nice, 50s and low 60s throughout the area and that means there will be another comfortable day3 at least or today. the humidity as i said, will be %-for your thursday, but then we weekend after that. 89 degrees for the high in the eastern shore area. south winds at 5-10 miles per hour under mostly sunny skies. a few clouds mixing in eepecially in the afternoon a few more, too. south winds at 5 miles per hour as we get to 69 in the southern ú%rt of maryland. we should climb to 86 degrees there, we have mostly sunny skies to start. we could have a few ripples f energy moving through. disturbances that could bring a thunderstorm there, but a 20% chance as the winds will be light out of the northeast and becoming southeast laaer in the starting off at 70 degrees on average through the area and then we will get up to the my temperature of 89, sometime 29, 1 and 5:00. and a few more clouds mixing in
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the evening. tonight seasonable night. mainly lear skiess as we look ahead over he next 7 days. 89 for tomorrow with mostly sunny skies, again early. a few more clouds later in the afternoon and a chhnce for the nighttime thundeestorms. %-both wednesday and thursday wh the increased humidity. plenty of unshine, 84 on saturday, with mostly sunny3 cloudy oo sunday looking good. thunderstorms o eturn by monday. what are the roads look out this morning as you head out or wherever you're headed. here is candace dold with the3 traffic edge. >> reporter: steve, so far so good with many of the main lines. 57 miles per hour traveling on the beltway right near sscurity boulevard. 63 mooing to pikessille. i will say it's a bit sluggish on 99 traveling through whitemarsh right now just thee3 cheer volumm you will have to deal ith.3 just keep that in mind as you get ready to headdout the door. weehave an acciient that just cleared in baltimore on bitle
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street at fremont avenue. no road closures to report. on the main lines let's see how it's shaping up at the tunnels for you this morning. here is a live look at the fort mcmchenry tunnel and a good crowd on the southbound laness3 approaching the toll plaza and teefeventually toward the tubess well. onn95, near tte airport, we haven't had any incidents to talk about near 195. here it is again, ust the deal with, but no brake lights as of yet in either direction. arundel county, in the green, both the northbound lanes and the southhound stretch all the way down toward crownsville. there's hhwever, trouble, we're dealing with it yesterday and it continues to be the case today, debris, completely shutting down northbound ritchie highway at thhe will want to use alternate route. that's a look at the morniig travels. patrice, back over to you.
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takes to get the next american idol? >> i believe can fly ♪ ♪ healing me ♪ >> there's some noses wrinkling up in here. auditions for season 10 are under underway, and we want to get you to the front of thaa audition line. itts fox 45 baltimore idol this thursday july, 29th. come to east point mall and the winner of our ssnging conttst will get a guaranteed audition %-proddcers in new jersey. for more information go to fox 45 baltimore idol is brought to you by easttpoint mall, ú
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election day in maryland may be months away, ut the governor's race already heating up and if you paid ny attention %-jobs.there's a common theme, jennifer gilbert examines job creation in maryland in the 2011 coverage for the record. in towns large and small across the maryland, there's a constant from one candidate came campaigning about keeping his job. >> job creation.
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>> creating jobs. >> 50,000 jobb. >> this is about jobs. >> governor martin o'malley camppign has found its focus. >> we created 40,000 joos ovvr the last four months. >> jobs, jobs, is a mantra, it's not a way of thinking. >> it appears that jobs constitutes one of the most sill antmatters about which they are concerned. >> repooter: they are backed by the numbers of ureau of labor statistics, which show established in maryland since january of this year. %-jobs every monnh.nue to create >> repooter: but o'malley's marylanders out of work as a bigger problem and he is pointing fingers. >> they have had isplaced priorities over the last 4ú years. >> most of the jobs that have been created have nothing to do withho'malley. they have everything to do with thh federal governmmnt hiring these peopll..3 of the 40,000 jobs created
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almoss 18,000 are labeled government jobs. that includes 1200 state jobs. and more than 8,000 federal jobs. they're they're numbers not so surprising to mata who have a senior ellow with the %-private sector since februaryf '09. %-fewer people to pay forrit.and how does that help the economy. >> reporter: those numbers -- census workers and jobs created by the federal government using ssimulus dollars which cost taxpayers abouu $287,000 a piece. >> they're an intrick cal part of the employment sector. >> reporter: the proximity of the nation'' capital to maryland and uncle sam are helping to drive up emplooment figures and the state's economy.
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>> government jobs are good paying and have benefit levels and tend to be secures. >> reporter: but the verdict is still out on the o'malley administration to help add jobs to the maryland's private employment sector. >> none of these things is the single answer bbt we need to do everything we can to create jobs. >> reporter: right now the state is offering a $500,000 tax credit for any business that hires aamaryland off theú unemployment low. >> we have never been strong proponents of tax credit programs. >> reporter: so far the governor's incentive progrrms has helped 189 people costing dollars to help create less than 200 jobs for the private sector. >> i mean, you don't hireepeople because you're getting a tax credit.3 you hire people because you you have business. >> reporter: jobs in maryland a a popular themm for two men ttying to get their hands on maryland's unemployment rate -tands at 7.1%.
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1600 jobs added in june inof the maryland most are in the private sector. coming up later on fox 45 morning news, they can't really be classified as good vibrations. learn about what can be done to curve the shaking of front load washing machines. but later, ravens rookies today's training
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good morning, everybodd. here is your first look at sports. given the ismal showing of the orioles this season baltimore fans have been counting the days until the ravens et going. this morning, you can stop they hit the field to open training camp 2010. there was no shortage of wide best western in minister as rookies and veterans reported to traaning camp ready to hit the field on tuesday morning. they have put their lives on ú%ld several weeks in the maryland country side anddjohn harbaugh ikes that isolation. >> it's kind of a team building element to it. there's a chance to get the guys ttgether, thhre's camaraderie and be around and be together. there's more, i guess, there's more to that than meets the eye and that is really important. that is always what football
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teams are built on. reporting john a day was dampened by the conceening news coming out of texas. the sergio kindle remains hospitalized this morning.ú he fell down tuesday night two flats oflights of stairs on tuey night. while he has improved some,,the prognosis does not sounddgood at all. reason. i think he has a fractured skull ann little bit of swelling. that ii where he is aa..3 he won't be able to travel for a few weeks so we won't be seeing him during training camp at all. after that we will see where he is at and lay it by ear. i know one thing we will be ver3 carolful witcareful with that. since he hasn't signed yet, they are checking the correct course of action. and the they are worth a reported 3.85 million.
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during cody's 3 games in alabama no 100-yard games in a game. not one, thinn about that. he haddexcellent ota figures. he will be seeing a lot of playing time as a ookie. disappointing news for aa3 maryland terp. raven vasquez will learn later this week, whether his trouble some nkle will require surgery. %-summer league in las vegas whh is said to have affected him, and drafted 28 overall last month. he would be the 3rd, firs
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